Sure, your bar may be well-stocked, but beyond the bottles, do you have the tools to make great cocktails? And we’re not talking about fancy, high end mixology gear. Some of the best gadgets for crafting great drinks can be found in your kitchen (or in the kitchen aisle of your favorite store.)

GQ lists the six things you will need to up your libation game. 6 Kitchen Tools That Will Up Your Cocktail Game By Mark Byrne You’ve got all the right bottles and maybe even have them set up on some rolling copper-and-wood number next to the couch.

Thing is, that rig may be emblematic of cocktail-making, but it’s totally inadequate. To actually make cocktails, you’re going to use the stove, the fridge, the cutting board, and maybe even the blender. Which is to say: You may keep your bar cartout in the living room, but the work happens in the kitchen.

Here’s what you need to get the most out of yours. A Knife With Skills Any paring knife can carve out a wedge of citrus, but only a super-thin blade can shave off just the top layer of peel for twists. Shun Premier Paring Knife;, $150 Read the entire article on GQ.