Craft Spirits Exchange is the world’s first and only online community dedicated to artisanal and craft spirits and cocktails. Our mission is to connect enthusiasts and novices alike with the broadest selection of craft spirits anywhere, and provide exclusive access to rare and limited release products from around the world.

More than being related to batch size, type of still or yearly production, craft spirits above all showcase quality, craftsmanship and the producer’s passion—in every sip. Through our broad selection of products in every spirit category, CSX encourages fans to engage, explore and discover perfect bottles and cocktails in an inclusive environment that celebrates the wide variety of options for every palate.


CSX offers an online community eager to share its thoughts on the aromas, flavors, finish and mix-ability of its ever-expanding collection of products though reviews and tasting notes. Through our calendar and updated content, fans stay on top of exclusive tastings and events in their area, while keeping up with tippling trends, buzz-worthy bars, and fascinating and talented people behind the stick and the still.

Craft Spirits Exchange invites you to grab a glass and join us in the CRAFT movement. There is always something MORE to discover.

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