Microdistilleries are Changing the Face of the Scotch Industry
Much of the Scotch industry is controlled by a few key players, big conglomerates that own a portfolio of brands. But some smaller, microdistilleries are hoping that Scotch fans–and those who seek out craftier spirits–will gravitate to their smaller, more artisanal output. How Scotch Whisky Microdistilleries Are Changing the Industry (Part 1) By Felipe Schrieberg Just as the demand for single malt Scotch Whisky rises, a new wave of Scottish whisky microdistilleries are producing exciting new single malt whiskies. Following the example of the vibrant American microdistillery industry, these new players are hoping that whisky aficionados will be there for their small output, produced with love and care. Drawing on past Scottish traditions and whisky history, many of the distillery sites are based where previous distilleries produced whisky long ago. The new distillers range from golf caddies to established whisky hands looking to run their own projects. For the most part, the distilleries have already begun production or are releasing whiskies still too young and that need a bit more time to mature. In any case, in a few years we’ll certainly be hearing more about them as they start releasing more aged whisky with greater fanfare. Read the entire article on Forbes.