Carpano Punt e Mes Vermouth



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One point of sweetness and half a point of bitterness, this Italian aperitif has aromas reminiscent of herbs, with hints of quina, toffee and cloves. It’s excellent served straight with an orange peel or in cocktails, and it scored 93 points in 2014 with Wine Enthusiast.
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In the glass, this Italian aperitif has a golden orange color with topaz tones. Aromas of herbs, quina, toffee and cloves are joined on the palate by sweetness and an intriguing accent of orange, followed by the characteristic bitter taste of quina and ending on a sweet note. Its origin goes back to 1870, when a stock broker, caught up in a debate with a few colleagues at Bottega Carpano, ordered a vermouth laced with half a dose of quina liqueur using a Piedmont dialect expression: "Punt e Mes" (roughly translatable as "one and a half"). It is delicious served straight with a slice of orange peel, but is also perfect as a base for cocktails such as the famous MITO or the Manhattan.

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