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Whiskey Collectors Are Seeking the Rarest Bottles for Their Shelves


It’s not enough for some whiskey fans to go to the store and buy something from the shelf. True connoisseurs are often turning to whiskey auctions, and also across the country (or around the world) ventures to seek out rare, experimental or limited edition bottles. The Daily Beast steps into the world of rare whiskey, and finds it’s a growing segment of the spirits world.


The High Price World of Rare Whiskey

By Kayleigh Kulp

Bill Thomas has 4,500 bottles of whiskey at his house and nearly 2,700 bottles at Jack Rose Dining Saloon, his Washington, D.C. bar and restaurant. Many of them are worth thousands of dollars and are one or two of a kind.

Despite their rarity, Thomas will open any one of them anytime. On the night I visited his home, we tasted an array of old and rare whiskies worth about $7,000 total, including a 19-year old, 1982 W.L. Weller Bourbon that currently fetches $2,500 at auctions and private sales.

But Thomas is far from alone. Thanks to an increased demand and interest in bourbon,rye and Scotch, there’s now a real pandemonium for vintage and rare whiskies in the United States and around the globe.

There are a few sources for the most sought-after whiskies. The most common and easiest to find are limited-edition bottling from modern distilleries that contain rare or “experimental” liquor. Why do they bother? The short answer is distillers release special whiskies a few times a year, like during the holidays or before Father’s Day, to generate media and collector attention. Depending upon how well they’re received, collectors like Thomas may snap up these whiskies for their collection causing their price on the secondary market to escalate. Read the entire article on The Daily Beast.

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