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Watch the Summer Games and Drink Brazil’s Native Spirit, Cachaca


It’s essential in the Caipirinha, but there are also a lot of sip-worthy versions. We’re talking about cachaca, Brazil’s native spirit distilled from the freshly pressed juice of the sugarcane. But just because it’s made from sugarcane doesn’t make it rum. Read on for info on this trending spirit category, and some tasting notes for bottles you’ll see on the shelf.


Raise Your Cachaca Game for Rio

By Jake Emen

As the 2016 Rio Olympics kick off, and you’re inundated with medal counts, talk of zika outbreaks and polluted bacterial water, take some time to hone in on what really matters — cachaça, of course. The spirit is finally gaining traction here in the U.S. and other countries and this summer is the perfect time to take your cachaça knowledge up a few pegs.

So, what is cachaça? Is it rum, or not? The answer is… kind of. Thrilling right? The TTB recognizes cachaça as a specific type of cane spirit — a 2013 agreement recognized cachaça as a distinctive product from Brazil and in return, Brazil recognized bourbon and Tennessee whiskey as distinctive from the U.S.

However, more accurately than saying it’s a type of rum, cachaça is a spirit distilled from fermented sugarcane juice, made in Brazil, and bottled at between 38 and 48% ABV. In fact, at 500 years old, cachaça as a standalone spirit has a huge, lengthy history. “It’s considered to be older than rum,” says Dragos Axinte, CEO of Novo Fogo cachaça. So cool it on the “Brazilian rum” talk, got it? Read the entire article on Alcohol Professor.

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