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Love Gin? Here are 11 American Bottles to Try


Sure, gin will always be inextricably linked to England. But keep in mind London Dry Gin is a style, not necessarily a place of production. Add to that the popularity of American or “New Western” style gins, and it’s never been a better time to be a fan of the botanical white spirit. Wine Enthusiast has eleven craft American gins to try, including traditional, barrel-aged and modern. Grab that tonic!


11 American Gins to Try

By Kara Newman

Lately, it’s become easier than ever to make that drink a delicious cocktail spiked with American-made gin.

Although London dry gins will never go out of style, the growing ranks of “New American” or “New Western” gins have made strong strides. In addition to the required juniper, which defines gin, these new American gins may be flavored with a wider array of botanicals—often nods to regional fruit, citrus or floral ingredients, as well as herbs and spices.

Amid this innovation, we can also report that barrel-aged gins are increasingly exciting. This new-to-us style of gin (in truth, it’s a very old technique, with historical roots back to when barrels were the primary means of transporting spirits), reclaims barrels that previously held whiskey or wine. Wine-lovers in particular may want to finagle a bottle of St. George’s Dry Rye “Reposado”—a term usually reserved for aged Tequila. Read the entire article on Wine Enthusiast.

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