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Cozy Up to the Negroni and All Its Variations


June 6-12 is Negroni week, where 6,000 bars around the world nominate a charity of their choice and give proceeds from Negroni sales to it. The classic Negroni is always in fashion, but there are lots of other variations that switch up the bitter liqueur and the vermouth (there is even a white version that eschews the Campari, though purists may scoff at a drink that’s not even red.) Regardless if you like the traditional recipe or a modern twist, Food Republic talks about the Negroni in all its forms.


Get to Know the Negroni in All Its Refreshing Forms

By Naren Young


I’ve long been obsessed with the Negroni. What kind of self-respecting bartender isn’t? I’ve done a hefty amount of research on this venerable aperitif, written several in-depth articles on its history and given seminars around the world on where it all began. Despite having tried various iterations of the Negroni all over the world, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t remember ever trying a bad one. In truth, it is a pretty hard drink to fuck up. It contains three ingredients that are easy to find, typically poured in equal parts over ice. Throw in an orange wedge if the mood strikes. There you have it: perfection in a glass and simplicity in its highest form.

Negroni Week is now upon us, so it seems like a fitting time to again bring this drink into the spotlight but also to pay respect to the world’s greatest aperitif. More than 6,000 bars worldwide have signed up this year, with each one nominating a charity of its choice, with proceeds from each drink supporting that cause. My own bar, Dante, is proud to participate. Read the entire article on Food Republic.

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