Black Whiskey - Andean Black Corn Whiskey


    Don Michael Distillery


    Lima, Perú

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Don Michael presents the first and the best Andean Whiskey in the World. Black Whiskey is the most awarded whiskey in South America. Made from ancient grains and carefully handcrafted at our state of the art distillery in Lima, Peru it is now available around the world.

Made from Andean Black Corn and the purest mountain spring water, this whiskey is aged to perfection in American white oak barrels. This is Black Whiskey. The first, and the best Andean Whiskey in the world.

45% ABV / 90 Proof

750 ML



"The first, and the best Andean Whiskey in the world."
The Distillery
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Product Details

At Don Michael, it is a the privilege of presenting a whiskey unlike any other. Made from Andean Black Corn and the purest mountain spring water, our whiskey is aged to perfection in American white oak barrels. This is Black Whiskey. The first, and the best Andean Whiskey in the world.

If, when you think whiskey, you do not think Peru – then think again. This is a fascinating drop. A Peruvian whiskey distilled from Andean black corn in Lima. The dram is produced in traditional pot stills, and made with traceable ingredients, before being matured partly in “honeycomb” barrels from the Black Swan cooperage.

Don Michael is a family-owned Peruvian company that initially began making petrol. Thankfully, they’ve pivoted to a more palatable liquid – Andean whiskey. This dram takes its inspiration from the ancient Peruvian beverage “Chicha Jora” – a kind of corn beer. 

To soften the edges of the powerful Andean black corn, they have added malted wheat and barley from the US and diluted it with pure Andean mountain spring water. The final product is a delectable, well balanced spirit with a distinctly Peruvian character.

Tasting Notes:

NOSE: Bright, succulent corn sweetness opens the nose, accompanied by thick slices of malt bread, pencil shavings and a slightly vegetal Mezcal-like smokiness. Truly unique.

TASTE: A thick, oily mouthfeel presents flavors of corn husk, treacled pecans, subtle cinnamon, and nutmeg cream. There’s charred oak and pepper, but it is less vegetal and smoky than the nose.

FINISH: That Mezcal-like note returns, with spicy smoke and wheat beer lingering on a long, buttery finish - a testament to the diversity of world whiskey.

About the Producer

Don Michael is the world’s only distillery making Whiskey from Andean Black Corn.

The initial idea for Black Whiskey was developed in the valley of Oxapampa using crystal clear mountain water and organically grown Andean Black Corn. The idea took shape and over time, became a reality starting with a homemade 50 liter still; and the rest is history!
It is Black Whiskey. It is unique. From Grain to Glass, at Don Michael everything is done in house, using only the best of the best.

Our history in Peru dates back to the 1950’s. It started in mining and petroleum and shifted to finance and construction. The evolution of Don Michael has encompassed many years and geographically most of Peru. Today, the third generation of our family is introducing a new chapter totally unlike anything before. Built and operated by Michael Kuryla, Don Michael is The Andean Distillery producing Black Whiskey. It is unique. Here at Don Michael we believe in using only the best. From our Andean Black Corn and imported Malted Grains to our American white oak barrels we use the best of the best to provide the world with excellence.

Although sometimes called the “Water of Life” in Gaelic, the true origins of whiskey remain shrouded in mystery. Black whiskey and the idea to use Andean Black Corn comes from the ancient Andean technique of making a homemade beer called chicha jora. We at Don Michael have refined this process, added malted grains to smooth out the flavor, and implemented a state-of-the-art distillation facility to provide the world with a unique Andean Whiskey in the form of Black Whiskey.

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